How do I get library notifications?

Library notifications can be a great tool to ensure requested items are picked up or borrowed items are returned by the due date. Learn how to receive these notifications here.

  1. Log into your account from the Mid-Columbia Libraries web site For help with this process, see “How do I access my account?” in the Help section.
  2. On the welcome page with general account information, expand the “Contact Information and Preferences” tab by clicking the arrow icon next to the title.
  3. Verify your contact information is correct. Be sure to update or include your phone number and address, even if these are not your preferred methods of contact, so that secondary contact information is correct if your preferred method fails.
  4. In the “Preferences:” section, use the drop down box under the heading “My preference for receiving library notices” to select your preferred method of contact. Please specify the language in which you wish to receive notifications in the drop down box labeled “Language Preference”.
  5. 额外的信息;n will need to be provided for text messaging, in order to specify the number you would like to use, and the cellular carrier for your text services. This information can be supplied in the boxes under the appropriate headings.
  6. You may elect to receive receipts of your borrowed titles by email or text by making the appropriate selection under the “E-receipts:”