Community Partner Use of Facilities for Providing Services and/or Distributing Information

The library functions as an educational and informational resource for the community. When space permits, community partners may provide staffed resource space (table or similar) within Mid-Columbia Libraries’ branches for the distribution of community information and/or providing services. Community partners must be:

  • public, tax-funded entities; or

  • recognized community service organizations; or

  • 501(c)3 non-profits supporting education, health, or social services.

年代olicitation for private goods or services is not allowed; all information distributed or services provided are free and available to the public. Exceptions may be made for optional services sold by public agencies.

The library reserves the right to designate and limit space, size, times, and location of community partner space, as well as the length of time provided. Setting up, taking down, and staffing the space is provided solely by the community partner. The library may provide a table and chair(s).

Library needs take precedence over external use, and the library reserves the right, without notice, to cancel a previously arranged space if the branch supervisor determines it is needed for library purposes.

In keeping with the library’s position as a limited public forum and a defender of constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties, community partner space will not be provided / will be revoked, for the following:

  1. Information advocating any illegal activity;

  2. Information advocating for the election or defeat of a political candidate or ballot issue (RCW 42.17A.555);

  3. Information advertising the commercial sale of goods or services;

  4. Information containing explicit sexual, disturbing, and/or violent images;

  5. Information derogatory towards any specific group, person, and/or protected class;

  6. Information advocating for or in opposition to one religious’ viewpoint; and

  7. Information promoting persons and entities that advocate for illegal activities and/or are derogatory towards any specific group and/or protected class.

The library assumes no responsibility for any information distributed. Community partners must file an agreement with the supervisor of the branch where the space will be provided. The distribution of information or services by a community partners does not indicate the library endorsement of ideas, positions, issues, or events.

(Adopted 10/17/2023)