Meeting Rooms

This policy does not apply to events hosted or co-sponsored by Mid-Columbia Libraries (MCL) or Friends groups.

Mid-Columbia Libraries provides meeting rooms to cardholders who comply with the following regulations:

  1. All activities must be free of charge and open to the public. Solicitation, admission or other charges, sales/fundraising activities, and private parties (birthdays, showers, receptions, etc.) are not allowed. Meeting room usage must be supervised by a legally responsible adult. Meeting rooms may be scheduled up to two months in advance.
  2. Library-related programs will be given preference in scheduling. The library reserves the right to reschedule or cancel meeting room reservations at any time in order to use the meeting room space for programs or events sponsored by the library. As much notice as possible will be provided to the group(s) affected by a change, and suggestions for other spaces will be made when possible.
  3. Persons who attend meetings in the meeting rooms must adhere to the Customer Conduct Policy.
  4. Other restrictions on meeting room use may be imposed by the building owner as library buildings are owned by cities or private landlords. Users will be informed of such restrictions at the time of reservation.
  5. 年代ome equipment, including audiovisual, is available for meeting room use. Equipment must be reserved in advance. The groups assume responsibility for damage to equipment or the room and are liable for all costs that would be incurred by the library to have the room refurbished or equipment repaired, cleaned, or replaced. The library assumes no responsibility for theft or damage to property brought into the meeting rooms. Groups may not store personal effects or equipment in the meeting rooms before or after use.
  6. Meetings must comply with all local, state, and federal laws. The capacity of each meeting room, as determined by the appropriate Fire Marshal, shall be enforced. Library staff reserves the right to visit a meeting at any time to check for compliance. Alcoholic beverages may be served if written permission is received from the Executive Director and all local and state laws and requirements are met.
  7. Permission to use meeting rooms may be withheld from any group that fails to comply with this policy; that damages the room, carpet, equipment, or furniture; or that causes a disturbance. Failure to show for meetings in any calendar year without calling to cancelmayresult in the loss of meeting room privileges atthe discretion of the branch manager or supervisor.
  8. Use by the public of the meeting rooms does not constitute MCL endorsement of any program presented or viewpoints expressed by participants. Library policy is to remain neutral on political campaigns and ballot initiatives.
  9. 华盛顿州的法律(RCW 42.17 a.555) prohibit the library’s use of public facilities for the purpose of assisting the campaign for election of any person to any office; or for the promotion of or opposition to any ballot issue. Requests to use library facilities for the purpose of supporting a single candidate or party for public office, or a position on a ballot initiative, including signature gathering to place an item on a ballot, will be denied. Public facilities may be used for general political purposes, such as information sharing, organizational meetings, and election-issue and multi-candidate forums. Library facilities are available on a non-discriminatory, equal-access basis in compliance with state law.

(06/18/2019; 02/19/2013; 07/16/2007; 10/15/2001; 01/22/2001; Adopted 10/21/1996)