Social Media

Social media tools include blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds, and other kinds of online social interaction. Mid-Columbia Libraries (MCL) social media use is intended to create a welcoming and inviting online space where users will find useful, engaging information and can interact with library staff and other users. MCL social media tools provide designated public forum(s) to facilitate the sharing of ideas, opinions, and information about library-related subjects and issues. Comments are monitored by library staff and MCL reserves the right to remove comments that are unlawful or unrelated to a forum’s purpose.

MCL social media use will comply with applicable site and/or platform terms, rules, and guidelines, along with applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Social media communications will respect the privacy of our customers, employees, and donors. MCL posts will not mention customers, co-workers, or donors by name or identifying details without explicit consent from each individual in each instance. MCL posts must not refer to confidential or proprietary information, or personnel/disciplinary matters.

Any MCL-initiated use or posting via social media must be performed by an authorized representative of MCL. Communication by MCL staff or volunteers using social media and other platforms in a manner where the public might assume the individual is reflecting the views of MCL is prohibited without prior authorization by the Communications Manager.

For Customers and Public Users

The standards represented in the Customer Conduct Policy apply to MCL’s online spaces and social media use.

By designating our social media spaces as limited designated public forums, we require that our users stay on topic and abide by the law. The following lists (not exhaustive) prohibited comments to an MCL social media space:

• Contains copyrighted material
• Comment is completely off-topic
• Commercial material/SPAM
• Duplicated posts from the same individual
• Obscene, discriminatory, or harassing posts
• Specific and imminent threats (specific to a person and actually possible in near future)
• Libelous comments about a private citizen (not a public figure)
• Inappropriate images

By choosing to comment or participate, users agree to these rules. Staff may remove comments or postings that do not adhere to these guidelines. Users should protect their privacy. Users are encouraged not to post personally identifying information. Young people, especially under age 18, should not post information such as last name, school, age, phone number, or address.


See also: Customer Conduct Policy